[racket] DrRacket window resize bug on GNU/Linux in pre

From: Neil Van Dyke (neil at neilvandyke.org)
Date: Tue Aug 2 01:13:50 EDT 2011

FYI, I'm still seeing that DrRacket window resize bug on GNU/Linux with 
Racket "pre" (downloaded Monday night from "pre.racket-lang.org").

When the window manager is doing an opaque window resize (meaning that 
the wm keeps sending resize events to the window as you drag mouse to 
resize), DrRacket can get a up to few seconds behind, as it seems to do 
a slow relayout and repaint for each resize event.  Like it's *not* just 
saying "hey, we have 3 more resize events queued up, so let's just skip 
the 2 earlier ones and do the most recent one."  Meanwhile, whie it's 
trying to do all 3, even more resize events pile up.

However, I am *not* seeing this problem when I drag the resize separator 
between the Definitions and Interaction subwindows.  That works fine 
now.  I could guess that one possible cause is that Racket controls the 
mouse tracking through the toolkit in that case.

I built this version of Racket from source, on Debian "lenny", and am 
running it there.

(In other news, I confirmed that the Check Syntax mouse hover arrows 
*do* work for me in this version.  That was the other important bug I 
wanted to confirm was fixed before 5.1.2 release.)


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