[racket] Destroy object ?

From: Ted Vj Bros (tedr56 at gmail.com)
Date: Thu Sep 30 06:41:59 EDT 2010

Thanks for this fast answer.
Unfortunatly, I'm familiar with this concept of garbage collector.
have I to send my instances to there or is it a way to get deleted data back?


> It seems like your question is whether there is a garbage collector. There is.
> Jay
>> Hi the list,
>> I'm a user of Fluxus http://www.pawfal.org/fluxus/
>> which is a scheme environnement for 3D, audio and games.
>> I'm trying to learn the racket Oriented Object style and asking myself a
>> thing?
>> How the objects can be deleted after their work?
>> And are they overwrited if an another come to replace one, and the memory
>> managed well for it?

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