[racket] Limits of init-auto-scrollbars in canvas%

From: Martin Dirichs (racket at dirichs.fastmail.fm)
Date: Sat Sep 18 16:56:54 EDT 2010

In the docs for canvas%


the limits for function init-auto-scrollbars
are given as

  horiz-pixels : (or/c (integer-in 1 1000000000) false/c)
  vert-pixels : (or/c (integer-in 1 1000000000) false/c)

However, if tested with larger values than 10000,
the following error message occurs in mred:

init-auto-scrollbars in canvas%: expected argument of type <exact integer in [1,
10000]>; given 100000

This seems to be a discrepancy between documentation
and implementation. I would much prefer the limits
given in the documentation, as a maximum virtual height
for a canvas of 10000 is severely limiting its usefulness
(at least for me, I am trying to display large tables
with it).

Is there any chance that the limits given in the
documentation are also applied in the implementation?

Posted on the users mailing list.