[racket] bracket code converter to parens

From: Isaiah Gilliland (jonsulred at gmail.com)
Date: Fri Sep 17 02:31:01 EDT 2010

This is the utility I've been working on that had me posting on here for
help from time to time. I enjoy programming in scheme probably more then CL
because of its simplicity, but I wanted to check out and go through some
common lisp books like Practical Common Lisp(which is awesome). But I find
it annoying to have to use parens where in racket and other schemes I can
use "["s or "{"s if I want to for simplicity or ease. It's a bit of polish I
love considering I have a bit of carpel tunnel and to make a paren involves
two key presses while a bracket only needs a pinky push.
So I created parent, a utility that you feed your code file to and it goes
through and converts all brackets and curly brackets to parenthesis. By
default it creates a new file but you can give it an option to overwrite the
file. I tried hard to give it a little polish so tell me what you think :D

By the way I'm trying to learn the standard first and get a foundation
before i learn racket, so the program is written in pure R6RS.

Here's the upload:

Thanks for the help^^
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