[racket] jaymccarthy/dbm unusable where there is only gdbm

From: Jay McCarthy (jay.mccarthy at gmail.com)
Date: Thu Sep 16 11:26:35 EDT 2010

I've just put up a new version of the package with your change.



On Wed, Sep 15, 2010 at 10:32 PM, Synx <plt at synx.us.to> wrote:
> Sadly gdbm does not seem to provide a libdbm.so library itself, instead
> instructing every program using it to link with both libgdbm and
> libgdbm_compat for similar behavior. It also specifies that, since every
> program will be written in the C language using CPP as a preprocessor,
> to use CPP macros to inline out a few of the functions it deems unworthy
> of implementing, such as dbm_error.
> Easy fix though! Doing that as a fallback when dbm isn't found is pretty
> trivial, and also providing catchall alternatives for *cough*
> unimplemented functions. So in jaymccarthy's dbm package I just changed
> dbm-ffi.ss a little bit so that it now uses gdbm, at least, without
> directly erroring out. I would like that this be combined with the dbm
> package officially, since the only way for me to retain such modified
> behavior is to word-for-word copy that package into some custom, badly
> named package under my nom de plume. Well, I would like a fast small
> pure scheme DBM implementation, but can't always have what we want.
> I might also add that gdbm is the only option on Debian based systems,
> besides some weird stuff called Tokyo Cabinet under questionable
> licensing. dbm is not anywhere in the package list that I can see. Maybe
> this is the wrong approach entirely...
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