[racket] DrRackey keybindings

From: Ramakrishnan Muthukrishnan (vu3rdd at gmail.com)
Date: Wed Sep 15 06:37:57 EDT 2010


I am new to the Racket (currently working through SICP and planning to
work through PLAI) and have been getting myself familiarized with
various tools like rackunit etc. I am an emacs user, so I turned off
the menu key bindings to get an emacs-like keyboard interface. The
only quirk I have so far are these:

- GNU Emacs maps M-backspace to delete last word. In DrRacket, it is
M-DEL. It will be great, if M-backspace can also be mapped to this
- I couldn't find a binding for "quit" in the documentation.
- If I am editing a complete S-expression and the cursor is somewhere
in the middle of the S-expression, I was expecting "return" to eval
it. But DrRacket adds a newline. May be some people prefer this, but
it will be great if this can be configured.

Is there some ways to fix this? If so where can these be added? Is
there something like ~/.emacs for DrRacket where custom configurations
can be added?

I am really enjoying my journey through Racket so far and hoping to
spend a lot of time with it as well as with some of the great set of
academic papers around it.


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