[racket] Literate Programming and Scribble

From: Deren Dohoda (deren.dohoda at gmail.com)
Date: Thu Sep 9 13:46:17 EDT 2010

I am sorry to ask such introductory questions, but it's killing me to
see "literate programming" in Racket while finding myself unable to
use it. I love noweb and all, but I am writing a literate Racket
program and, well, I'd like to use Racket.

1) Is this intended correct flow: literate program included in
scribble document exported to pdf/html? This is the path I tried to
follow from the documentation in order to use scribble markup in the
document, but it seemed curious to make an essentially empty scribble
file to include the literate program. But for some reason I couldn't
get scribble --pdf to work directly on a LP.

2) Is there any way to use arbitrary latex markup in Scribble? I could
attempt to roll my own reader to simulate something like noweb but I
thought there may be something available and it is hard to justify
working in a new reader only to simulate a tool I already have
available. (I find modifying the reader to be an arcane process,
personally, even with the copious documentation.) The documentation
didn't seem to suggest it: I could find no way to include mathematical
formula in scribble. It is rare to have a program that doesn't include
*some* math formula or other, so I figured it must be available, but
again, I couldn't find it.

Thank you for any help. Ideally I'd find a way to make working with
the Racket documentation format literate so if the project I'm working
on could find use in PLaneT I wouldn't have to write everything twice.

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