[racket] users Digest, Vol 61, Issue 13

From: Todd O'Bryan (toddobryan at gmail.com)
Date: Sat Sep 4 23:15:58 EDT 2010

One gotcha that got me. If you're using 64-bit Ubuntu, you have to
install the 32-bit compatibility packages for the binary to work.

$ sudo apt-get install ia32-libs

will solve that little problem.

On Sat, Sep 4, 2010 at 11:12 PM, Todd O'Bryan <toddobryan at gmail.com> wrote:
> The Jaunty version does work.
> I've created a script that downloads and installs the Ubuntu version
> in the /opt directory, in a folder called /opt/plt-version# with a
> symbolic link at /opt/plt. It also installs a desktop file so that
> DrRacket appears in the Applications menu, and adds a MIME type so
> that .rkt files have an icon and double-clicking them opens DrRacket.
> The icon is the SVG version of the plt-red-shiny icon in the icon
> directiory. If you're using Picturing Programs, the script can also
> download Stephen's teachpack and place it so that it looks like a
> built-in teachpack so that each student doesn't have to download it
> separately.
> To use the script, download it.
> http://dl.dropbox.com/u/10388887/install_plt.py
> Assuming you saved it on your desktop, do the following
> $ cd ~/Desktop
> $ chmod +x install_plt.py
> If you wish to install the Picturing Programs teachpack, open the file
> and remove the # from the install_picturing_programs() line near the
> bottom.
> To install, decide if you want to install the latest stable version or
> a nightly build and find the URL of the file you'd download. For
> latest stable:
> $ sudo ./install_plt.py
> http://download.racket-lang.org/installers/5.0.1/racket/racket-5.0.1-bin-i386-linux-ubuntu-jaunty.sh
> For latest nightly build:
> $ sudo ./install_plt.py
> http://pre.racket-lang.org/installers/plt-
> After the script finishes,
> $ gksudo gedit /etc/environment
> and add /opt/plt/bin to the PATH variable defined there. Separate it
> from the other paths with a colon.
> When you log out and log back in, you should be able to type drracket
> or any other plt command in a terminal and have it work. Even before
> that, DrRacket should appear in your Applications->Programming menu.
> The script shouldn't seriously break anything, but I have not
> extensively tested it, so it may not work on all machines. Let me know
> if you get problems and I'll try to fix them.
> Todd
> On Sat, Sep 4, 2010 at 8:25 PM, Jon Rafkind <rafkind at cs.utah.edu> wrote:
>>  On 09/04/2010 06:25 PM, John Wagner wrote:
>>> Re:  when, good people, will you provide a racket download for ubuntu
>>> users that are on the recent version lucid (10.04)?  It's impossible to
>>> teach without it.  Or should we stay with scheme?
>> Does the Jaunty download not work?
>> http://download.racket-lang.org/racket-5-0-1-bin-i386-linux-ubuntu-jaunty-sh.html
>> There is a note on the download page explicitly stating that a package made
>> for one version of a distribution might work on another version of the same
>> distribution.
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