[racket] Using Scheme to design C programs

From: Mike G. (mikeg at psg.com)
Date: Thu Sep 2 20:00:11 EDT 2010

This may be old hat to some, but I just saw this short essay on Reddit and
thought it was interesting.  From 2000, the author writes about having
used Scheme to design a C program that he could not have written from

It also reminded me of some of the ideas from HtDP about programming as
algebra and "the importance of a structured, systematic approach to
programming".  Perhaps not coincidentally, the author is/was a grad
student under Dan Friedman, sometimes co-author with Matthias Felleisen.

It makes me eager to get back to learning Racket.

« What I had been learning in my Programming Language course, however, was
that I really could manage my own control flow if I wanted.  Furthermore,
I could start with a simpler, more naive program and basically DERIVE the
sophisticated one through a series of correctness-preserving program
transformations.  This is where Scheme really won.  Because of its
extremely algorithmic---almost mathematical---nature, Scheme can be easily
manipulated in a sort of algebraic style.  One can follow a series of
rewrite rules (just about blindly) to transform a program into another
form with some desirable property.  This was exactly what I needed. »

"Is Scheme Faster than C?"

found via http://www.reddit.com/r/scheme/comments/d7h3j/

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