[racket] internet connect through ip sharer

From: Neil Van Dyke (neil at neilvandyke.org)
Date: Tue Oct 26 03:47:08 EDT 2010

kty1104 at gmail.com wrote at 10/26/2010 03:14 AM:
> thank you for your replying
> I think my case is the most former one
> what I have to do if there is some problem to be able to get a route?
> > * You might not be able to get a route, especially if a home router 
> is doing NAT.  Try traceroute to see if you can get a route all the 
> way to your destination IP address.

If you can't get a route, then that means that the routers and the 
connections between them won't let you get a route.  (This has nothing 
to do with Racket, of course.)

If the computer that is running your Racket server program can reach the 
Internet, and the computer with your Racket client program can also 
reach the Internet, but your Racket client program cannot connect to 
your Racket server program... the first thing to look at is the router 
that the computer with the Racket server program connects to.  Find out 
the model of that router, get the documentation for that model of 
router, and read about "NAT", "server", and "firewall".


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