[racket] apache configuration for racket

From: scouic (scouic at gmail.com)
Date: Sun Oct 24 10:33:33 EDT 2010

i have a local apache server (win$) and i would like to know how can i
configure it for that, when i'm connecting at, it launches a
Racket executable file, for example index.rkt (or index.exe) ?

actually, index.rkt is a simply webpage
(require web-server/sevlet /formlets /servlet-env, etc ... )
(define start request)
 (serve/servlet start)

Could you explain me the process for
or - launch an executable racket file from apache
or - have an html web page with forms wich calls racket files at each "input
submit" action ?

Thanks in advance,

PS : i've seen the (generate-html-output ...) from cgi, must i use this
function in my Racket file ?
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