[racket] opengl hello world

From: 김태윤 (kty1104 at gmail.com)
Date: Sat Oct 23 09:06:29 EDT 2010

opengl hello world
hello I am making opengl hello world
with reading "OpenGL Super Bible".
this book is for C not for scheme
so I am trying to changing C code to scheme code
but I don't know what exactly I have to do.
the object is simple.
just show the 3d object rectangle or cube or just color could be satisfied
in the window or some where else
(maybe in the window is general)

first time, I just write very simple code with expecting working well
such as
#lang racket
(require sgl/gl)
(glClearColor 0 0 0 1)

but I realize that this code lack of frame that will shows the color or
and also I can't find how to use glFlush function in scheme

could somebody please help me how to display 3d object or just color?

thanks in advanced
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