[racket] un-tarring and un-zipping files?

From: Eli Barzilay (eli at barzilay.org)
Date: Mon Oct 18 16:44:02 EDT 2010

Three minutes ago, Danny Yoo wrote:
> > The resulting zip/tar/tgz files should be unpackable by the
> > standard tools.  (There is no racket code that does that, since
> > creating a standard archive is easy, but parsing one runs into
> > problems due to incompatibilities of these archives.)
> Ok.  Is there a standard library for packaging up a directory's
> contents to a bytestream, and vice-versa?  I suspect .plt is
> supposed to be a partial answer to this, but it seems like overkill
> for what I want.
> If there's nothing out there, I'll just cook something up with
> pathlist-closure and file/gzip, file/gunzip, but if someone's
> already done the work, I'd like to reuse.

A .plt file sounds exacly like what you want.

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