[racket] Transparent area's

From: Christophe Vandenberghe (chvndb at gmail.com)
Date: Mon Oct 18 09:07:06 EDT 2010

I am fairly new to scheme and I have been experimenting with the Graphics
Toolkit from Racket.


I am  trying to work with a background image and have everything else be on
top of that image. The problem is that most area's come with a grey
background that I can't seem to get rid of. So what I have done is set up a
panel that contains the background-image. Now if I would want to put some
text on top of that image, I would have to add a message to the panel. This
works fine except that it has a grey background. Same goes for other
elements as a new panel to create a menu of some sort.


So I'm wondering if it is possible to get rid of that background, but I
couldn't find anything in the docs about it.


Anyone got an idea?





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