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From: Richard Cleis (rcleis at mac.com)
Date: Thu Oct 14 14:14:32 EDT 2010

As someone who doesn't know better, I like your post.  Can you explain 'script' ?


> The definitions are clear and have not changed.  If you have a machine
> that runs programs written in language M, but you have a program
> written in language L, you can proceed in one of two ways:
>  1)  You can modify the *machine* to run programs in a different language.
>        An interpreter is a program that transforms a machine into
> another machine.
>  2)  You can find an `equivalant' program in the language the machine does run.
>        A compiler is a program that transforms a program into another program.
> Interpretation or compilation is a relationship between machines and programs.
> It isn't a property of the language.  Shriram Krishnamurthi had the most correct
> response:
>    The phrase "interpreted language" has no meaning; it's nonsensical.
> -- 
> ~jrm
> ** I suppose we could argue a little bit.  If the notion of
> `equivalent program' were
> poorly defined, then you might find it very hard to write a compiler.
> (Or, having
> written one, determining if it works correctly.)  It is possible to
> create a programming
> language that is so hard to statically analyze that the best you can do is
> to `inline the interpreter'.  You might call such a language an
> `interpreted language'.
> Scheme and Racket, however, do not fall into this category.
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