[racket] small fun racket tool coding project for someone

From: Neil Van Dyke (neil at neilvandyke.org)
Date: Thu Oct 14 10:46:30 EDT 2010

If anyone wants to get their feet wet using the Check Syntax info, by 
coding a useful little tool...

I'd love to have a command-line tool that read in a Racket source file 
and removed the unnecessary "require"s.  You know, the ones that turn 
red when you hit Check Syntax button in DrRacket.

I have several hundred legacy Scheme files, and perhaps 2/3 of the 
"require"s are unnecessary.  Removing the unnecessary ones manually in 
DrScheme could take a day, but just a few minutes with a scriptable 
command-line filter.

(Probably a lot of these 2/3 are due to refactoring code over time.  And 
I'm guessing that some of it is copy&paste reuse by people who don't 
want to have to iterate multiple times and figure out which "require"s 
they still need before their code will compile.)


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