[racket] Seeking examples of Scribble "4.5 In-Source Documentation" for Racket (typed/racket ?) source files

From: Scott McLoughlin (scottmcl66 at gmail.com)
Date: Mon Oct 11 11:19:40 EDT 2010

  I've read the docs a few times, but either I must have some odd
"Scribble-blind-spot" or something, or this is much more involved
than I imagine it really is.

I'm hoping a few illustrative source examples would help get me
started, and maybe a just a bare bones, simplified "how to" to
get me going.

I'm also not 100% clear on:

1) whether this will worked with typed/racket modules/source files

2) Exactly how racket or typed/racket evaluation (debugging, syntax
checking, etc.) in DrScheme is segregated from Scribble code
evaluation in the source file.

3) How I can easily process the Scribble documentation external
to the source file, and without modifying the source, using some
tool for batch processing via a make file (or similar tool).

I'm sure I'll get this eventually. Thanks much in advance!


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