[racket] extract polygon information from an image is it silly thinking?

From: Richard Cleis (rcleis at mac.com)
Date: Sun Oct 10 21:27:21 EDT 2010

On Oct 10, 2010, at 7:28 AM, 김태윤 wrote:

> extract polygon information from an image is it silly thinking?


> hello
> I was told that when it comes to compare with polygon and image rotating, polygon is much faster.
> and an obviously simple idea come across my mind.
> then why don't I change image into much simpler colored polygon?

It can take a lot of polygons.

> feel like it is ok because I don't care about loosing detail of image.
> it's ok if I can just figure out how it looks like.
> making polygon scheme code from an image, is it silly thinking?
> and is it possible makeing 3d character from three-demensional image?
> if it is not a silly thinking, 
> what would it be good for first step?

A good first step depends on how much time you want to spend, how much math you like to do, etc.  I used a text book that someone loaned to me, written by:


That may be more than you want.

> I think I need to know how to get information from image first.
> do you have any advice?

That is a big subject.  You might want to have some fun first.  For example, take the corners of an image and make one rectangle from the color information in the corners. Then do the same thing with four rectangles inside of the first. Keep doing it with more and more rectangles and see what happens as you invent better algorithms for making the rectangles. Racket is a fun language to use for such investigation.


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