[racket] Is anyone pursuing a GWT like toolkit with Racket?

From: Mathew Kurian (bluejamesbond at gmail.com)
Date: Wed Oct 6 23:21:41 EDT 2010

It is very challenging. I am working on one as of right now for a personal
project, however converting it to Java first and then one can apply GWT to
create JavaScript. Its both time consuming to create the libraries. It taken
about a week and half to create a decent World/Universe/Image translation of
Rackets teachpack (I am still working on translating the worlds
communication with other worlds). Its a pain to constantly check for errors
and make sure its optmized so that slower pcs can handle it (ie canvas
redraw/repainting). But, its coming along...just havent found the time to
work on recently due to SAT studies. I hope it works out at the end though.

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