[plt-scheme] mzscheme in cygwin keeps leaking memory

From: Venky Mahadevan (venkatramanm at yahoo.com)
Date: Sat May 8 03:54:45 EDT 2010

I am new to lisp and scheme world. So I am sorry if this issue is already a known problem. As far as I searched in google, I could not find any thing close to this. Hence posting this mail.  

I have been trying to build mzscheme for cygwin installation for some time. 
1. with enable-shared, I get an error during compilation of mred [ cannot find ../mzscheme/libmred.la ] 
2. With no options supplied to configure, I could get the app to build but during install, it gives out of memory. (I have a 2Mb ram on my windows XP machine) 
3.I could do plain-install. 
4. Even when I simply bring up mzscheme, (Just waiting at the prompt!) I see in windows task manager that the memory usage of this exe goes on increasing indefinitely and eventually, the exe gives out of memory and crashes, 
5. Same issues with mred and mred -l drscheme (Just that they crash quicker)  
6. I did try disabling X, mred, etc. etc..( --disable-mred --disable-gl --disable-xrender --disable-xft --disable-cairo --disable-libpng --disable-libjpeg --disable-jit --disable-foreign --disable-places --disable-futures -without-x) - Same issues here. 

The downloaded pre-compiled windows binary works fine with no leaks. I was wondering if there is some issue in cygwin. Ideally I don;t want to use windows binaries. I prefer cygwin environment for my learning activities and mixing cygwin & windows binaries constantly cause path nightmares. 

Any help is appreciated. 
Thanks in advance


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