[racket] enter! not working?

From: Matthew Flatt (mflatt at cs.utah.edu)
Date: Sun Jun 27 23:14:34 EDT 2010

Are you working with the `racket' command-line program or within

Within DrRacket, you don't need `enter!'.

At Sun, 27 Jun 2010 22:06:52 +1000, "Brad Long" wrote:
> I am using DrRacket Version 5 on Windows. When I follow the example (see 
> below) and get to the part where I am suppposed to use "enter!", I get this 
> error:
> reference to an identifier before its definition: enter!
> Thanks for any help.
> Brad.
> ===> START
> #lang racket
>   (define (extract str)
>     (substring str 4 7))
> If calling (extract "the boy") is part of the main action of your program, 
> that would go in the definitions area, too. But if it was just an example 
> expression that you were using to explore extract, then you'd more likely 
> leave the definitions area as above, click Run, and then evaluate (extract 
> "the boy") in the REPL.
> With racket, you'd save the above text in a file using your favorite editor. 
> If you save it as "extract.rkt", then after starting racket in the same 
> directory, you'd evaluate the following sequence:
>   > (enter! "extract.rkt")
>   > (extract "the gal out of the city")
>   "gal"
> The enter! form both loads the code and switches the evaluation context to 
> the inside of the module, just like DrRacket's Run button.
> =====> END
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