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From: Sayed (yayo23 at gmail.com)
Date: Sun Jun 27 16:02:45 EDT 2010

Hello, I am currently working on a website powered by racket and I am at a
stage where I am
trying to establish an authenticated presence on the website. The way I
envision doing so is
with an html form, comparing the inputting values (essentially username and
password) against
what I have in a mysql db- this part has already been established.

The next step is where I am running into a snag- I am trying to issue a
cookie to any authenticated
users and then redirect to the 'authenticated area' of the website. Then all
functions associated with this
area will check for the valid cookie before rendering, and if it is not
present then redirect to the login page.
The trouble is that for some reason the cookie is not showing up after the
redirect. Here is the relevant code.

Esentially what is happening is 'cl-cookie' takes the value of empty.


Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

- sayed
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