[racket] Keyword prefix or sufix ':'

From: Valeriya Pudova (valery at digitalchile.net)
Date: Thu Jun 24 08:31:12 EDT 2010

Is there any way to make symbols with the prefix ':' behave the same as 
the keywords?

The document "Keyword and Optional Arguments in PLT Scheme"

Has the next text in the chapter "7.7 Keyword Lexical Syntax"

PLT Scheme uses a #: prefix. Chicken also supports a #: prefix
in addition to a : suffix, though the keyword in both cases is
equivalent to a symbol. The #: choice is natural for Scheme, since
a # is normally used to extend the reader syntax, and : is normally
allowed in symbols (i.e., some symbols and identifiers in existing
code might break if a : prefix or suffix becomes the syntax of keywords).


An informal poll among PLT Scheme
users suggested roughly equal support for all three choices (prefix
#:, prefix :, and suffix :) with a slightly higher preference for
#:—possibly reflecting the syntax that is already in place. In any
case, PLT Scheme’s #lang notation would allow future modules
to be written using a different syntax without affecting old modules

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