[racket] Web Application Deployment

From: Neil Van Dyke (neil at neilvandyke.org)
Date: Tue Jun 22 15:21:51 EDT 2010

Racket comes with a CGI library.  I recently ported a large legacy 
Racket (PLT Scheme) CGI-based application to SCGI using 

For new development, consider using the PLT Web Server instead of SCGI 
or old CGI.  Nowadays, virtual servers like Amazon EC2 are affordable, 
and you can make them do things that the cheapo CGI/PHP/Zope shared 
hosting of a few years ago didn't support.

When undertaking a Web development project in Racket... in addition to 
the extensive Racket documentation and the help available on this email 
list, there are professional Racket consultants available for 
outsourcing.  And, to borrow a line from an Asimov bio, they grow more 
handsome with each year.

Karl Winterling wrote at 06/22/2010 02:45 PM:
> It appears that you need a PLT Web server running on your site's host to deploy Web applications. Is it possible to deploy applications on shared hosting with Apache and something like CGI or FastCGI?


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