[plt-scheme] To Racket...

From: Paulo J. Matos (pocmatos at gmail.com)
Date: Thu Jun 3 04:27:58 EDT 2010

Matthew Flatt <mflatt at cs.utah.edu> writes:

> You shouldn't have to do anything. That looks like a bug in the
> compilation manager, but I'm not sure what the problem might be.
> If removing "compiled" directories helps, that would be good to know.

Unfortunately removing the compiled directories doesn't help.

> Otherwise, can you say more about the file organization and/or produce
> an example that I can try?

The project is pretty big and all my attempts to generate a smaller
situation failed. 

I investigated the insides of the compiled directory and found the
| $ cd ~/Code/eboc/modes/esmc-mode/
| pmatos at pm18pc01:~/Code/eboc/modes/esmc-mode$ ls
| alg       eb-values.scm   enumerations.scm  generator.scm
| probabilities.scm  search-sig.scm
| compiled  eb-values.scm~  eventb-lib.scm    interval.scm   scheduler.scm
| value-generator.scm
| $ cat compiled/drracket/generator_scm.dep
| ("" ("7bc5a1b8b6d17beabd901159bc0d33d6b5add95d"
| . "4c0c32c7299b3baa8075cd8b1cf6cc909e484da5") (collects #"scheme"
| #"main.rkt") (collects #"scheme" #"match.rkt")
| #"/localhome/pmatos/Code/eboc/modes/esmc-mode/../../ast2sexpr.scm"
| #"/localhome/pmatos/Code/eboc/modes/esmc-mode/../../ast.scm"
| #"/localhome/pmatos/Code/eboc/modes/esmc-mode/../../utils.scm" (collects
| #"scheme" #"lang" #"reader.rkt"))

It looks like there are a couple of missing files in the dependencies,

Instead of sending you a thousand line program, what else can provide

I can, however, give you access to the private git repository in codaset
if you wish.

By the way, version is


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