[racket] DrRacket indent of "let:"

From: Neil Van Dyke (neil at neilvandyke.org)
Date: Wed Dec 22 19:28:47 EST 2010

DrRacket 5.0.2 isn't indenting Typed Racket "let:" forms idiomatically.  
It indents them in the default way rather than a special way like it 
does for Racket "let" forms.

In case anyone wants to fix this, here's how Quack currently indents 
"let:" (leading space characters replaced here with "." so email clients 
don't eat them):

(let: ((x : Any)
.......(y : Any))

(let: loop : Any ((x : Any)
..................(y : Any))

(let: loop : Any
......((x : Any)
.......(y : Any))

(let: loop
....: Any
....((x : Any)
.....(y : Any))

The difference in indentation of the second line in the 3rd and 4th 
examples is an accident of how some existing Emacs code works, not a 
decision on my part.  In that regard, I would probably change Quack to 
do whatever Racket ultimately does.


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