[racket] Fwd: Snooze & Transactions

From: Noel Welsh (noelwelsh at gmail.com)
Date: Mon Dec 20 02:31:59 EST 2010

Hi Russell,

You'll find examples of transactions in the tests for it:


It should be fairly simple to get working. Note that Snooze on Planet
is ancient. Up-to-date but undocumented and hence unreleased code is


The changes are not enormous, and the tests provide some examples.


On Mon, Dec 20, 2010 at 12:08 AM, Russell Adams
<RLAdams at adamsinfoserv.com> wrote:
> I've experienced the same issue now with Postgres and SQLite, and when
> using Postgres I have ssl off for my DB connection.
> It's simply writing out bulk records is limited to whatever the
> synchronous disk speed is. I'm trying to find ways to turn of
> auto-vacuuming or logging on these databases because I'm just
> populating what is a set of read-only tables and I consider this the
> "initial load".
> I tried a few variations in my code, as to what portion of the work
> was encapsulated into call-with-connection, from individual functions
> to the entire short program.
> I found call-with-transaction in the source, but it isn't documented
> yet. I tried a few ways of combining it with call-with-connection, but
> without success. I keep getting an error that it wants me to pass it a
> connection name, and I don't think it's being redefined with the
> default-snooze-interface macro. I don't know the default connection
> name, so I'm rereading the documentation to see if I can handle the
> connections myself.
> This is where I thought someone might have an example, given its
> already in the codebase.
> Thanks.
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