[racket] read text file

From: prad (prad at towardsfreedom.com)
Date: Mon Dec 6 21:43:11 EST 2010

i'm trying to read a text file into a string, sort of like 

readFile path -- in haskell
handle = open(path, 'r'); data = handle.read() # in python

however, in the guide 
all use read-line

in lisp i could get the length of the stream and slurp the whole file
(defun slurp (path)
  "one way of reading in files" 
  (with-open-file (stream path)
    (let ((seq (make-array (file-length stream)
                           :element-type 'character)))
      (read-sequence seq stream)

but what am i supposed to in racket?
(other than read-line right through to the end of the file, may be?)

or is reading it all in at one shot not considered the right way to do
it here?

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