[racket] Serving a static html file

From: racketusers.20.gilesroberts at spamgourmet.com (racketusers.20.gilesroberts at spamgourmet.com)
Date: Sun Dec 5 02:41:48 EST 2010

Dear Jay,

I can replicate the problem with the test static example from the web server tutorial:

#lang web-server/insta
  (define (start request)
    '(html (head (title "Testing"))
           (link ((rel "stylesheet")
                  (href "/test-static.css")
                  (type "text/css")))
           (body (h1 "Testing")
                 (h2 "This is a header")
                 (p "This is " (span ((class "hot")) "hot") "."))))
  (static-files-path "htdocs")

My html file is in htdocs.  I was expecting the html to be served by the web server without any additional coding.  Is there something I'm missing?

The server is run from DrRacket 5.0.2 and the OS is Vista Home Premium SP2.

Regards Giles.

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