[racket] Reading drracket files into text%

From: Eli Barzilay (eli at barzilay.org)
Date: Tue Aug 31 15:22:15 EDT 2010

One way to get things done "properly" is to submit the file through
the server, then on the server you get it in exactly the same format
that all files are saved.  You could maybe even arrange this to happen
automatically, using symlinks to the file from the published name to
the one that you submit if/when there are updates.

But a general note here is that the handin server is not too
convenient for such things -- it wasn't intended to distribute content
so doing this won't be convenient.  It will be much easier to
distribute the file in some more conventional way, like linking the
file from the homework page.

On Aug 31, Ryan Golbeck wrote:
> I'm modifying the handin-server collection to include an option
> where our students can retrieve "starter" files for assignments and
> labs.  Since these files will be saved on the server directly from
> DrRacket, rather than through the handin infrastructure, the files
> include these three lines of meta data.
> I was hoping to use pretty much the same infrastructure already
> provided in the handin-server and client to transmit the files, so I
> was trying to massage the starter files into the same format that
> the client already expects when it retrieves a submitted assignment.
> So, I'm running into the problem that these first three lines are in
> files saved by DrRacket, but not in files that the handin-server
> saves for a submitted assignment.
> So I don't specifically have to read it into a text% object.  But I'm
> not sure the best way to handle them.

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