[racket] Automating a program run in ACL2

From: Nils (nils.schlupp at gmail.com)
Date: Sun Aug 29 20:11:27 EDT 2010

Hey all.

I am required to periodically run a ACL2 program provided to me. Currently,
I open it up in DrRacket and just hit the run button, but I was hoping there
was some method of automating this process. (It's terribly slow)

I attempted to run the file through racket, but I get:

"default-load-handler: expected a `module' declaration for `main', found:
something else in: #<path:/home/nils/Dropbox/code/SE1/PSP/main.lisp>

 === context ===

I attempted to use the various flags, such as -r, -u and -f, some of which
give me an identical error, and others give me:

"reference to undefined identifier: in-package"

I attempted to also append the line "#lang ACL2" to the beginning of the
file, but it did not help.

Anyone have any advice?

Thanks, Nils

Also, here is the file:

"(in-package "ACL2")

(include-book "psp")

(set-state-ok t)
(main "input/" "output/" state)"
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