[racket] Possible to install both plt-scheme from repo and racket from racket-lang.org?

From: Laurent (laurent.orseau at gmail.com)
Date: Wed Aug 25 02:23:36 EDT 2010

On Wed, Aug 25, 2010 at 07:51, Eli Barzilay <eli at barzilay.org> wrote:

> On Aug 24, Laurent wrote:
> >
> > Probably dividing packages into core, textual, gui, docs, etc. would
> > be nice I suppose.
> Not really necessary: the textual distribution is the core one (it
> isn't really a core at the moment, but it will be more core-ish); the
> gui (core) distribution is much bigger so a separate installer makes
> sense; and the docs are probably going to stay part of the collections
> they belong to.

To do things right, there should probably be an (or maybe some)
independent package that distributions created by raco depend on.
This way, the racket dependencies don't have to be embedded inside
the distributions, and simply adding a dependency declaration would be

>  > > Even better, is if anyone gets this (or something similar) and
> > > plays with a very simple spec file that I can try out -- and maybe
> > > eventually switch our packaging process to use it.
> >
> > The documentation is quite complete and has some examples:
> > http://www.epmhome.org/epm-book.html
> Yeah, I saw that -- but it looks like getting a config file for racket
> takes some work and experimentation, so if it waits for me then it
> will take time.

It'd be indeed really surprising if it worked on first try.
One simple thing that can be tried though, is to create a simple
racket.list file with minimal information, and with:
%include racket-inc.list
where racket-inc.list is generated by mkepmlist on the Racket tree.
Then trying to make the tgz package with:
epm racket
would give a good first information about the difficulty to tweak the
But I think this first step could work with little effort.
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