[racket] Embedding HtDP Teaching Languages

From: Jeremy R. (jeremy at novawave.net)
Date: Sun Aug 22 16:23:42 EDT 2010


I've fiddled with it for a while (I'm admittedly new to Racket's innards, but I've looked at the docs), and I can't seem to determine the correct way to either evaluate code or run a read-eval-print loop in one of the HtDP teaching languages when embedding the Racket library in a C program (CGC, if that matters), as opposed to in the base Racket language. Ideally, I'd like to have the ability to get the same restrictions, error messages, and print representations (e.g. "(list 1 2 3)" instead of "'(1 2 3)") as are generated when using a teaching language in DrRacket.

Any advice would be appreciated.


Jeremy R.
Owner, NovaWave Solutions

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