[racket] Alt/Option key as meta on Mac

From: Iain Gray (iaingray at ednet.co.uk)
Date: Sun Aug 15 04:35:41 EDT 2010


with the UNIX Terminal in the Terminal menu choose Window Settings,  
then Keyboard and there is a checkbox for Use Alt key as Meta Key.

Hope this helps,


On 12 Aug 2010, at 21:28, Charles Rich wrote:

> Hi, I tried searching the archives for an answer, but without success:
> Ss there a way to make the alt/option key on a Mac function
> as an Emacs meta key?   The current default is for the cmd/apple key
> to be the meta key, which is not the same as the default for Emacs
> (Aquamacs) on the Mac.
> If I turn that off the option under Editing > General, the meta
> functionality does not switch to the alt/option key.   I also tried
> playing with the Enable Keybindings in Menus option, but that did not
> seem to have an effect.
> Thanks, -CR
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