[racket] Racket 5.0.1 VM out of memory during build

From: Giacomo Olgeni (g.olgeni at colby.it)
Date: Mon Aug 9 17:33:37 EDT 2010


I'm trying to upgrade the FreeBSD Racket port from 5.0 to 5.0.1.

Version 5.0 builds fine, but with version 5.0.1 I get this error on 
the same hardware/OS (FreeBSD 8.1 i386, 1 CPU):

raco setup: running: teachpack/teachpack.scrbl
raco setup: running: test-box-recovery/test-box-recovery.scrbl
raco setup: running: test-engine/test-engine.scrbl
raco setup: running: scribblings/tools/tools.scrbl
raco setup: running: typed-scheme/scribblings/ts-reference.scrbl
raco setup: running: typed-scheme/scribblings/ts-guide.scrbl
out of memory 
raco setup: running: unstable/scribblings/unstable.scrbl
out of memory 
raco setup: running: version/version.scrbl
out of memory 
raco setup: running: web-server/scribblings/web-server.scrbl
out of memory 
raco setup: running: web-server/scribblings/web-server-internal.scrbl
out of memory 
raco setup: running: web-server/scribblings/tutorial/continue.scrbl
out of memory 
raco setup: running: xml/xml.scrbl
out of memory 
Racket virtual machine has run out of memory; aborting
*** Signal 6

Stop in /usr/storage/racket-5.0.1/work/plt-5.0.1/src/build.
*** Error code 1

However, the swap partition is barely used, so I thought there could 
be some default limit that I'm hitting.

Is there any way to assign more memory to the VM during the build? I'm 
not yet familiar with the Racket build procedure so any help would be 
very welcome :)


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