[racket] syntax, differently

From: Matthias Felleisen (matthias at ccs.neu.edu)
Date: Mon Aug 2 10:29:56 EDT 2010

1 minutes, 3 alpha renamings, one line break, and two cuts in extremely verbose English, et voil`a, it fits: 

;; <NOT TELLING OTHERS> : state -> (listof state)
;; all possible successor states that can be reached in one boat crossing
(define (compute-possible-states state)
  (local [;; how-many : symbol bl -> number
          ;; to find out how many s are in a bl
          (define (how-many s bl)
            (cond [(empty? bl) 0]
                  [else (cond [(symbol=? s (first bl))
                               (+ 1 (how-many s (rest bl)))]
                              [else (how-many s (rest bl))])]))
          ;; possible-states accumulate all the possible (incorrect) future
          ;; boat loads, given the current state.
          (define (compute-a boat-loads possible-states)
            (cond [(empty? boat-loads) possible-states]
                   (local [(define num-mis (how-many 'M (first boat-loads)))
                           (define num-can (how-many 'C (first boat-loads)))
                           (define (new-state op1 op2 boat-posn) 
                             (make-state (op1 (state-ml state) num-mis)
                                         (op1 (state-cl state) num-can)
                                         (op2 (state-mr state) num-mis)
                                         (op2 (state-cr state) num-can)
                           (define logical-boat-move
                             (cond [(symbol=? (state-boat-posn state) 'left)
                                    (new-state - + 'right)]
                                   [else (new-state + - 'left)]))]
                     (compute-a (rest boat-loads)
                                (cons logical-boat-move possible-states)))]))]
    (compute-a BOAT-LOADS empty)))

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