[plt-scheme] Some PLT environment issues

From: Laurent (laurent.orseau at gmail.com)
Date: Thu Oct 29 06:22:37 EDT 2009

> > See `scribble/xref' and `setup/xref' (both documented).


> A good place to see how to use these is the implementation of that
> macro.  (Note that it must be a macro.)
> You can also look in my interactive hack for related useful
> functionality.  For example:
>  -> ,apropos flatt        ; (no pun intended, I swear!)
>  Matches: flatten.
>  -> ,describe flatten
>  `flatten' is a bound identifier,
>    defined in "scheme/list.ss"
>    required through "scheme/init.ss"

That sounds cool.
Is it in any package?
It does not seem to be in any file on my local distribution (and (help
apropos) doesn't help ;) ).
I found it on the web though : http://barzilay.org/misc/interactive3.ss
but is there a good way to include this file?

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