[plt-scheme] Re: [ANN] Lazy Scribble Documentator and Packager

From: Jon Rafkind (rafkind at cs.utah.edu)
Date: Wed Oct 28 14:23:39 EDT 2009

Laurent wrote:
> try :
> (planet-build "jon" 1 0)
> or use (set-planet-env "jon" 1 0) beforehand to modify the default
> parameters.
> By default, the username is that of the OS environment (or maybe that value
> is windows-specific, I should check that). If there is none, I guess that
> could fail.
> Maybe I should use another default value.
> Tell me if that works.
Ok that worked. I got a bit farther but it died when trying to make the 
planet package.

System: /home/jon/svn/scheme/vi/planet create /home/jon/svn/scheme/vi
/bin/sh: /home/jon/svn/scheme/vi/planet: not found

I guess it tried to search for the 'planet' executable and defaulted to 
the current directory? Maybe its better to invoke planet 
programmatically using its API?

Also I checked the .scrbl files in the reference/ directory and they 
look ok, but they have ^M (as seen in vi) characters at the end of lines 
which is a windows-ism for leaving in carriage return (char 13). But 
thats not a huge deal.

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