[plt-scheme] string-upper-case

From: Dave Gurnell (d.j.gurnell at gmail.com)
Date: Sun Oct 25 16:21:41 EDT 2009

We got rid of that - it contained all sorts of hard-coded corner cases  
and didn't seem like the sort of code we wanted people to rely on. A  
more configurable version might be a useful endeavour, although it  
could end up like Ruby on Rail's pluralize function with a massive  
array of special cases.

-- Dave

On 25 Oct 2009, at 20:14, Noel Welsh wrote:

> IIRC there used to be a function in Unlib that tried to correctly
> capitalise names. E.g. "Van Dyke" vs "van Dyke". I see this as a step
> towards what you propose. Of course cats are more difficult than
> humans, having three names (of distinct classes) as Old Possum
> explains. So the question becomes which class do you capitalise? A
> vexing problem indeed.
> N.

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