[plt-scheme] Questions on PLT status and project structure

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The mutable pairs and lists work something like pointers in C,does  a mutable list works faster than a immutable one,generally? 
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Subject: Re: [plt-scheme] Questions on PLT status and project structure

I've been involved in (what's now called) open source for a couple 
decades, and have been using PLT Scheme for close to 8 years.

I think that PLT's development model has been working out very well.

At this time, I have more confidence in the existing model than I would 
in a divvying-up of pieces of PLT Scheme among some network of community 

For random community members, like myself, writing PLaneT packages is a 
no-brainer great way to contribute.  Bug reports and feature 
suggestions, and even small patches, too.

Nothing precludes very smart community members someday taking up core 
PLT development, such as in the event of all existing PLT developers 
signing up to be astronauts on the Mars mission.  But until that time, I 
wouldn't want PLT to mess too much with a winning formula.


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