[plt-scheme] Questions on PLT status and project structure

From: Doug Williams (m.douglas.williams at gmail.com)
Date: Wed Oct 14 13:32:19 EDT 2009

A few comments from a outside developer who puts things in PLaneT.

First questions regard performance. First, is there an inlining directive
> (or delcaration or proclamation, etc.)
> Second, are there type proclamations to speed up common fixnum arithmatec,
> vector indexes, etc.  Is there
> are role for typed-scheme here?
Several other have noted the new 'unsafe' operations that have been added. I
have update the science collection to make use of these. Actually, I find
them more of a help with floating point operations than with fixed. [Most
cases where I use exact integers, there is no guarantee that there are
indeed only small integers (fixnums) as opposed to large integer (bignums)
or any good reason to make such a restriction, but there are exceptions -
string and vector indices, etc.] I haven't released these to PLaneT yet
because I haven't done enough testing and I am using some that aren't in the
released 4.2.2 (e.g., unsafe-fx->unsafe-fl and unsafe-flabs).

> Fourth,  Is there a formal roadmap for the Planet libraries - a sort of
> wishlist from the core development group
> or user community vote/consensus.  Similarly, is there an up to date
> raodmap for the core PLT system?
Maybe it is time for a PLT Scheme Users group or something similar. I would
love input on my own packages, etc.

> To boil all this down to a general scheme community question, PLT has
> become *very* popular in the
> scheme community (programmer community, to a lesser degree) at large. How
> stable a platform does
> it present for a future canonical open source project should the academic
> group behind PLT abandon
> the platform for one reason or another (lack of funding, changing research
> focus, etc.)
Several of us non-academics (although I am an ex-academic) have enough faith
in the core group and the product use PLT Scheme in our work.

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