[plt-scheme] Tool/plugin: packer.plt

From: Jon Rafkind (rafkind at cs.utah.edu)
Date: Fri Oct 9 12:19:28 EDT 2009

Stephen De Gabrielle wrote:
> Hi,
> I made a simple little plugin to help get a library on planet.
> It makes an info.ss and creates a .PLT file for upload.
> Comments suggestions welcome- or just tell me if it's a dumb idea.

I tried it out. Its a good idea, I think. Usually I make these dumb 
little makefiles to generate .plt files but I'd rather use something else.

1. if I run 'pack .plt' without saving the current buffer (I mean its a 
brand new, unnamed buffer) I get some error about split-path and #f.

2. if my current file is blah.ss then the resulting .plt file is 
blah.ss.plt. I think it should be just blah.plt

3. at first I was worried that only blah.ss was part of the .plt package 
but when I did 'planet structure blah.ss.plt' I noticed everything in 
the directory where blah.ss was (or maybe it was the current working 
directory, which happened to be the same) was also included. It would be 
nice if I could manually select the files with the option of "include 
all .ss files found recursively" or something. This is especially 
important because even if I am in my project directory I will probably 
have .svn directories hanging around that I don't want to send to planet.

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