[plt-scheme] Looking for a security consultant with PLT web server experience

From: Dave Gurnell (d.j.gurnell at gmail.com)
Date: Mon Oct 5 06:34:38 EDT 2009

>> One nice thing about the web server architecture is that all of  
>> these issues can be addressed (if they need to be addressed) by  
>> writing and plugging in a custom continuation manager. The Untypers  
>> have dabbled with the LRU manager a few times, implementing things  
>> like extra logging and some application specific continuation  
>> management. These security-related features seem like other natural  
>> extensions.
>> It'd be good to collaborate on something like this as and release  
>> it as a PLaneT package.
> Seems like PLT has been putting a lot of energy into the Web server  
> and servlets in the last year or two.  I'd first find out whether  
> this is something they want to look into right now.  (Just  
> yesterday, I found that Ryan Culpepper had scooped me on macro  
> keyword support, after I'd recently slaved over a hot syntax-rules  
> to do the same thing. :)  In any case, I would try to make sure I  
> understood PLT's rationale for everything upfront, to save a lot of  
> energy.

Absolutely. I'm sure if the contributions are good they can be rolled  
into the core. I'd be slightly cautious of this kind of networking  
"improvement", though - it's probably all too easy to not notice bugs  
and design flaws for weeks and weeks, at least until after you're  
convinced that the code is working okay.

-- Dave

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