[plt-scheme] Looking for a security consultant with PLT web server experience

From: David Storrs (david.storrs at gmail.com)
Date: Sat Oct 3 13:39:31 EDT 2009

Hey folks,

We are bootstrapping a startup.  We care a lot about security and
privacy, especially as they relate to customer data, and we want to
find someone with real experience in these areas to advise us.  We
need ground up advice--likely attacks, best ways to achieve minimum
surface area, recommended trusted hosting, etc--but in particular we
want someone who has experience dealing with the PLT web server, since
it's new to us and we don't fully understand the security implications
of stateful servlets.

I'm going to be reaching out to Untyped as soon as I send this email,
since they have some experience here.  Aside from them, any


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