[plt-scheme] Re: keybinding and menus

From: Laurent (laurent.orseau at gmail.com)
Date: Mon Nov 30 03:08:28 EST 2009

Does anyone has some thoughts about these issues? Or did I completely
misunderstood how keybinding works?

On Wed, Nov 25, 2009 at 16:39, Laurent <laurent.orseau at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi all,
> DrScheme is a wonderful editor and the possibility to remap keys is
> great... when you can make it work.
> I'm struggling with my "mykeys.ss" and the net and the help desk could not
> help me much.
> There is of course the useful:
> http://schemekeys.blogspot.com/2007/05/keybinding-101-in-drscheme.html
> but it says nothing about the hereby problems.
> I did not find anything about keybindings on planet (is there?).
> First, in order to rebind some keys defined for menus, the option"keybindings in menus"in menu preferences/editing/general must
> be disabled (for me, and it seems that this behavior is different for other
> people (?)).
> My quick guess is that the menus keybindings are defined after "mykeys.ss"
> file is loaded, which is not what I want.
> This forces me to redefine some of the bindings of the menus by hand...
> Thus, Second: How do I rebind a key to open a new tab?
> Let's define (this is a untested simplification of my file):
>> (define (keymap-fun fun-name)
>>     (lambda (editor event)
>>       (send (send editor get-keymap) call-function
>>             fun-name
>>             editor event #t)))
> Then:
>> (keybinding "c:n" (keymap-fun "New Tab"))
> does not work (it does nothing, no error, not even printing "n").
> "New tab", "Nouvel onglet", "Nouvel Onglet" (my DrScheme is in french, so I
> don't know which is the good one) did not work either.
> Where can I find information about this? (because there are other menu
> items that I want to rebind)
> Third:
> I tried some experiments and there are some strange behaviors:
>> (for-each (lambda (key-str) (keybinding (first key-str) (keymap-fun
>> (second key-str))))
>>   '(
>>      ["c:semicolon" "comment-out"] ; works
>>      ["c:s:semicolon" "uncomment"] ; does not work (on french layout, "."
>> is ";" shifted)
>>      ["c:s:." "uncomment"] ; does not work (also c:s:period does not
>> exist)
>>      ["c:." "uncomment"] ; does not work
>>      ["c:s:q" "uncomment"] ; does not work, prints "Q"
>>      ["c:q" "uncomment"] ; works
>>      ["c:s:W" "uncomment"] ; does not work, prints "W"
>>      ["c:W" "uncomment"] ; works, like c:w
>>      ["c:m:r" "uncomment"] ; does not work, does nothing
>>      ["m:s:r" "uncomment"] ; works
>>      ["m:semicolon" "uncomment"] ; works
>>      ["m:s:semicolon" "uncomment"] ; does not work, prints "."
>>  ))
> I would especially like the "c:s:semicolon" to work...
> Also, reloading DrScheme for each test takes some time... isn't there a
> faster way to test keybindings?
> Thanks for reading this and helping me if possible.
> Laurent
> Using DrScheme 4.2.2 french and (unfortunately) Vista SP1
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