[plt-scheme] syntax-case + quote as a pattern variable

From: Skeptic . (skeptic2000 at hotmail.com)
Date: Sat Nov 28 14:30:46 EST 2009

I recently faced the situation where I wanted to both have a quote in the pattern and to create a non-hygienic identifier using datum->syntax in a syntax-case, I got the following error : the pattern variable "quote" cannot be use in this context.
A minimal example : 
(define-syntax test  (λ (stx)    (syntax-case stx ()      [(t 'x)      (with-syntax ([id (datum->syntax (syntax t) 'id) ])         #' (define id x))])))
>(define x 4)>(test 'x)>id
My solution was to bind the symbol in a let before the syntax-case :
(define-syntax test  (let ([s 'id])  (λ (stx)    (syntax-case stx ()      [(t 'x)      (with-syntax ([id (datum->syntax (syntax t) s) ])         #' (define id x))]))))

I'm curious to hear what syntax-case experts have to say about it.
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