[plt-scheme] installation problems

From: Charlie Smith (charliesmith001 at gmail.com)
Date: Mon Nov 16 05:16:41 EST 2009

Hi neil

I'm sure its only 218mb cause, i see a warning that says not enough RAM when
i start the machine :)

Thanks for your concern, but the comps at college are quite fine for what i
do (some network and text processing stuff) and like you suggested i'm
planning to get a laptop soon.

Although Dscheme would be better for a beginnner like me, I'm using mzscheme
with Quack mode (which's really nice btw) because i've always wanted to
learn to use emacs and figured this was a good oportunity to do so.

also, my name isn't Charlie, I created this email id around a year ago to
check how good Gmail was :) ( I was using hotmail back then) and this
account just stayed like that.

On 11/13/09, Neil Van Dyke <neil at neilvandyke.org> wrote:
> I'm guessing that you'd benefit from running DrScheme rather than just the
> "mzscheme" command-line tool.
> Are you sure that the machine at school has 218MB total?  A more typical
> number near there would be 256MB total, or maybe 248MB total plus 8MB video
> RAM.
> In any case, you should be able to run DrScheme in 200-some total MB
> reasonably if you strip down the rest of your desktop software.  If you
> don't have lots more RAM than you need, you want to be running just a plain
> X window manager, like Fvwm, not the ridiculously bloated Gnome.
> With 200-some MB, if you start up Firefox to read documentation online
> while running DrScheme, things will get a lot slower, as the computer's
> virtual memory system temporarily swaps pieces of DrScheme and Firefox onto
> disk.  The solution
> Also, see whether you can beg or borrow an old laptop you can use for your
> work, and whether the computers at school will accommodate more memory.  (A
> 512MB stick of PC133 is about $10.)  Being able to run both DrScheme and a
> semi-modern Web browser at the same time will help you work/learn faster.
> --
> http://www.neilvandyke.org/
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