[plt-scheme] Honu syntax (was: Poacher turned gamekeeper)

From: Jakub Piotr Cłapa (jpc-ml at zenburn.net)
Date: Fri Nov 13 05:36:34 EST 2009

On 09-11-11 00:19, Andrew Reilly wrote:
> On Tue, Nov 10, 2009 at 05:27:46AM -0800, Philippos Apolinarius wrote:
>> I often wonder why all Schemes don't have something like
>> Gambit-C SIX syntax.
> PLT has Honu (and Algol).  Check it out at the bottom of the
> help desk.

Btw. what's the status of Honu? How did the experiment to write Scheme 
in Honu syntax work out?

Jakub Piotr Cłapa

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