[plt-scheme] Re: Restart Web-server

From: Japus (jasper.maes at gmail.com)
Date: Sun Nov 8 16:48:56 EST 2009

I've looked at Ajax and am able to get the variable value but it
always stays the same.
When I can resolve that issue I'm done.
Now, I put a hidden textbox in the servlet and set the value to the
value of the variable. When I use Ajax and I want to renew the value
of the textbox on the document with the value out of the
XMLHttpRequest it's still the same as before although I know it has
I'm pretty new at the HTML-Javascript thing and it might be a stupid
question but what do I do wrong?

Thanks for all the replies,


On 7 nov, 19:22, YC <yinso.c... at gmail.com> wrote:
> On Thu, Nov 5, 2009 at 12:24 AM, Japus <jasper.m... at gmail.com> wrote:
> > I already tried the meta-refresh technique and javascript too but the
> > problem with those is that when I use a variable in it, it reads it's
> > value when the code is generated and based on that it decides how long
> > it takes to reload but it should reload when the value of that
> > variable changes.
> Jasper -
> Meta-refresh gets you half way there with almost no work, but the remaining
> half way is a major undertaking if you haven't done it before, so that's why
> I mentioned meta-refresh as an option unless you are ready to go all the
> way.
> Assuming you are ready to go all the way - you'll have to get familiarized
> with ajax & http comet, as they are the solution to your question.  There
> are abundant information on these topics on the web and books.  The
> techniques are server independent, so you can use them with plt web-server.
> > So it should constantly check the variable and see
> > if the variable has changed and when it has, instantly reload. If it
> > hasn't changed, nothing should happen.
> The $64K question here is: since the variable exists on the server, and you
> need to "constantly" check it from the client, how do you do so without a
> "reload"?
> Again - look at ajax & comet - they are designed specifically to answer this
> question.
> HTH.  Cheers.
> yc
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