[plt-scheme] Scheme productivity data point

From: Jon Rafkind (rafkind at cs.utah.edu)
Date: Sun Nov 8 12:38:55 EST 2009

Neil Van Dyke wrote:
> FYI, a small Scheme productivity data point that I just blogged...
>> Scheme Is Likely Fast Enough for You
>> I needed to process a corpus of HTML files, which involved a bunch of 
>> parsing, XPath-ing, simple pattern-matching, a little regexp-ing, and 
>> HTML generation.
>> Using PLT Scheme, Oleg Kiselyov's and Kirill Lisovsky's SXPath, Jim 
>> Bender's sxml-match, HtmlPrag, and WebScraperHelper, I banged it 
>> together in a day for a sample of the data, then spent another day 
>> tweaking it to run through the entire corpus. Most of the second day 
>> was due to some strangely bad HTML buried in some of the 40,000+ 
>> files, and having to juggle remote computers.
>> Afterwards, half tongue-in-cheek, I played fanboy for the benefit of 
>> a colleague who still wants to do symbolic processing in C++, 
>> laboriously...
>>> [...] The output files take less than 7% the space of the input files.

The input files were HTML and the output files were something.. but does 
that have anything to do with the fact that you used scheme? I don't see 
how the engine is a factor here, unless I missed something.

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